We've found all the bubble fun in Auckland

Bubble Man in Auckland

Auckland has it all in summer, but just to make life even better, there’s going to be bubbles! We love bubbles.

Bubble festival

Bubble weekend returns this September at MOTAT with an interactive weekend of hands-on activities for kids aged 8 years and under, designed to entertain and educate.

With live shows, creative and interactive activities, displays, and more, revealing the science behind the magic of the bubble.

So save the date this September for an exciting lineup of bubble themed fun that will introduce kids to the fascinating world of science, and is sure to entertain and captivate curious young minds.

Bubbles for babies

Babies love bubbles, but us oldies have lost our sense of wonder. Rediscover the magic of childhood at Baby Sensory classes. Created to stimulate baby’s senses, these developmentally rich classes are full of bubbles, bells, shows, instruments and more. Winner of multiple national and international awards, this programme runs throughout the term.

Birthday blow out (pictured above)

A bubble is not just a bubble, it can be inside another bubble, or a square bubble, a giant bubble, or a fire bubble. Hire the ‘Bubble Man’ for a birthday party, and he can create a whole world of soapy, magical fun. If your kids want a scientific approach, you can keep the wonder, and just add a lab coat! In the science show for birthdays, a professor sets up a mini laboratory in your own backyard and presents a bubbling, frothing, exploding performance. Kids also get to take home their own slime creations.

Be a bubble!

If it’s not enough to just look at bubbles, your kids can be one too. We can hardly hold in our laughs with this event. Kids get strapped up in bubble suits and fly, bump and roll around the field trying to score a goal. It’s all safe, as the bubbles act like giant, squishy buffers. Regardless of sporting ability, these Zorb-like balls ensure heaps of giggles and memories. Check out KiwiBubbleSoccer or BumperBall for details to make your bubble-tastic day. If you want to own your own bubbles so you can bounce around whenever you want, you’re in luck, as Zuru Toys has just launched the new X-Shot Bubble Ball in New Zealand (pictured below).

Bring the magic home

Dishwashing liquid will never be mundane again once you’ve made giant bubbles. To create them, combine one cup dish soap,  one tablespoon glycerine, and four cups of water in a bucket. If you want to go crazy, combine three quarters of a bucket with dish soap, four buckets of water and one cup of glycerine in a paddling pool and use a hula hoop as the bubble-blower. Stand your kids in the middle of the hula hoop and pull it up around them, forming a giant bubble. If DIY is not your jam, you can purchase a bubble machine from Whitcoulls for $30.

Image: Lusaorganics

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