A balance board

You will need:

  • A piece of plywood 15-20mm thick and about 50cmx80cm, plus two extra strips 2cmx5cm.
  • A piece of thick PVC pipe about 14-17cm in diameter and approximately 45cm long.
  • Friction tape, rubber tape, or rubber-like window sealing tape.
  • Wood glue, or a hammer and nails.


  1. Cut the plywood to the desired size. Ideally, you should be able to stand on the board with your feet shoulder-width apart and with about 10cm clearance on either side.
  2. Using either wood glue or nails, take the extra ply strips and fasten to either and of the board, both on the same side. These are stoppers designed to stop the board rolling off the pipe while you are riding it.
  3. Trim the PVC pipe to be just shorter than the width of your board,
  4. Wrap your friction tape/rubber tape around the PVC pipe in three places: the middle and both ends. This will provide more traction and make balancing slightly easier.
  5. You are now ready. Place the pipe on the ground and the board on top. To begin with, use a chair or another person for support while you get your balance.

Extra tip: if you want to slow down the action of the rolling board, you can do this by pouring a few cups of dry sand into the PVC pipe and sealing the ends.

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