Turning dreams into reality

If time, talent or money were no object, what would you truly want to have, do, or become?

Don’t limit yourself to what others have said you are capable of. Don’t look at your shortcomings; have the courage to believe that there is a way under, over or through every obstacle, roadblock or risk that stands between you and your dream. What inspires you, brings you joy and makes you feel that life is good and worth the effort?

Have or own

What would you like to have that takes money? It could be a car, a home, a snowboard, a musical instrument, clothes and jewellery, a computer or maybe the latest phone or gadget.

What will it cost? Write down how much you’ll need, then look for a way to fund the purchase. You’ll have to prioritise your spending and probably make some sacrifices because you can’t have everything at once, but if you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way to raise the money.

Do or experience

What do you dream of seeing, doing or experiencing? Maybe you’d like to travel, get involved with a new sport, take up a hobby, or learn to play a musical instrument.

My husband and I took up cycling when we were 59 and 63 years old. We travelled to Thailand and cycled 500 kilometres in five days as part of a charity ride to raise money for children in orphanages. Each day we rode in temperatures of in 36 to 43 degrees Celsius. The training was mammoth and pushed us out of our comfort zone, but I’m so glad we did it.  We’ve continued to cycle, and it has become a new way to exercise, have fun and make friends.

Become or be known for

What would you like to achieve in life? Perhaps it’s a career milestone, a position in society, or maybe you want to be known for a certain character trait – “She was a great visionary” or “He was a generous man who always put others before himself” could be your legacy.

What would you like to be remembered for? Would you like to make a difference in the world? Perhaps you want to make a medical or scientific breakthrough? Think of the people you admire. Is there anyone you’d like to emulate, or perhaps take what they’ve done and add to it? These kinds of ambitions make life exciting and meaningful, and help the world to develop and progress.

Create a dream board

I love this line from the film The Imitation Game: “Sometimes it’s the people no one imagines anything of who do the things no one can imagine.”

Grab a big sheet of paper and start writing down or drawing your dreams (or go online and find a dream or vision board app or website to get inspiration).

Imagine how you’ll feel when you achieve your dreams. The focus and commitment required to make these things a reality will bring out your best character traits, and the rewards will be breathtaking. It all starts with unleashing your imagination – so let it go, you wild thing!

You can have, do, or become whatever you want. You are the architect of your future! Your life will turn out like the dreams you imagine if you have the determination to turn those dreams into reality.

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