3 kids books to read over the Summer holidays

The Summer holidays are here and sure to be filled with loads of loud fun, but when you’re ready for some quiet time, we have three must-reads that have all the right ingredients to become bedtime favourites.

Grandma’s Lost Her Corgis

When Grandma’s beloved corgis go missing, it’s not just a family crisis – it’s a full-blown national emergency! Soon, Scotland Yard and MI5 are on the job, and the whole of London is being turned upside down. But, in the end, it takes three very special Great-grandchildren to save the day.

Oh No! Look What The Cat Dragged In

We like to stay with Grandma. She has a big black cat.  It likes to go out late at night, and drag things through the flap.  But Grandma’s acting worried, and looking very grim.  She never knows each morning just what the cat’s dragged in!

A mischievous cat drags all kinds of things through the cat flap at night until finally, much to Grandma’s annoyance, the whole house is overrun! What will she do?

The Tree Hut

Jack must move from his home in the countryside and leave behind his beloved tree hut. His new home in the city is a townhouse with only a small courtyard to play in – certainly no room for a tree hut.
But worst still, the house next-door appears to be haunted!

The Tree Hut is a children’s picture book about change. Sometimes the things we fear most in life turn out to be frightening only in our imaginations.

Internationally published, award-winning author Joy H. Davidson has always been fond of writing. Joy encourages a love of literature with her fun, rhythmic, read-along books – illustrated with colourful and often chaotic art. At the core of each book is a message that both children and parents can empathise with. Buy copies here.

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