Hugely popular reading programme: Try 5 weeks FREE and make a difference

A hugely popular online reading program can be an amazing help for giving your kids a big boost with their reading and pre-reading skills (and it’s fun!). If you’re keen to give it a go, Reading Eggs have offered our community a five-week FREE trial of their programme for 2-13 year olds. (Don’t miss out, this is long enough to make a significant difference to their reading and check the kids are on board and having fun with it!)

We’d be lying if we didn’t admit to feeling a little anxiety as parents when our kids are struggling or falling behind. We all know that reading is the one thing that helps kids succeed in a big range of school subjects, but pushing them to hit the books harder is not the answer (tiger parents, your tribe is not the way to go if you want happy kids!). So finding something more in your child’s lane will make them take the lead with their learning.

Here are 10 top reasons why we love this this programme for our kids:

1. Benefit of one-on-one lessons

It’s one-on-one tutoring, but without the intensity of being the only student with a single teacher (pressure!!).

2. The kids don’t get bored

There are hundreds of lessons in literacy, phonics, and sight word recognition, so kids don’t feel like it’s repetitive and get bored on repeat.

3. Impressive recommendations

10 million other parents use this, which is well beyond any normal recommendation requirement. Impressive numbers!

4. You know that it’s working

Parents get regular reports behind the scenes, so you can track how well it’s going, and help guide them through areas they are finding tough.

5. Tap into a massive library of kids’ books

There’s a fantastic library of books (over 2000) you can access with your kids.

6. It’s beautiful, and kids love that!

Kids love this programme as it’s visual and creative. It feels friendly and, at times, laugh out loud funny.

7.  They get better quickly

Impressively, over 91% of parents report an improvement with their child’s reading.

8. It’s built on science, so you know it’s kosher

Created by an Australian team of teachers who have 30 years of experience and have based the programme on solid scientific research.

9. It’s for kids 2-13 years, so it will work for the whole tribe.

No one misses out (and oh, how they hate that!) and it’s super helpful if you want to help all of your children with their reading but there’s only so much time, and dinner needs cooking, clothes need washing, rubbish needs emptying, lunchboxes need filling… You get the picture!

10. It’s a great way to keep kids happy in the car

If you have rambunctious kids on car trips (or on the way home from school!), then let them have a little Reading Eggs time as a treat. It’s a win-win for all!

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