10 times dogs summed up parenting for us


There for better or worse, doggos are our canine companions and best friends – but they may just understand us more than we think. Here are our ten best times dogs summed up parenting for us.

1. When you’ve just finished vacuuming the house and the kids come home with “a bag of leaves they found at the park”.

2. When it’s 4am and your toddler has finally gone to sleep, but you’re lying awake thinking about all of the childless nights you took for granted.

3.  When your kid decides your bed is better than theirs.

4.  When all of their least favourite vegetables have miraculously vanished from their plate but you know damn well they haven’t touched their fork.

5. When you reach into your purse and it’s a little moist in there. SPOILER: It’s a surprise sandwich from three weeks ago. Delicious.

6. When your kid asks the same question ten times in a row and you’re really contemplating leaving them at the mall and never returning.

7. You to your significant other because nana and pops have the kids over for the weekend:

8. When you realise leaving your kids at your parents is harder than you anticipated, and you really miss them.

9. When you get a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and see the results of your sleep deprivation.

10. When they drive you up the wall, but you love your mini-me to death anyway.

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