How to extend your family (the easy way!)

If the kids are begging for another cuddle buddy and play friend, but you don’t want to go through labour (again)? We have an easier solution… Adopting a pet! Make the kids happy and get animals off the streets and into loving homes. Here’s our list of the top organisations to get that perfect pooch for you. Careful of those puppy-dog eyes, or your kids will want to take them all home!

Saving Hope Foundation

The Saving Hope Foundation began when Hope (the cutie-patootie mascot dog) was about to be put down by the pound. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sad story: Hope was adopted. But other doggos aren’t as lucky. Contact the organisation to see if any pooches are at the ready, so you can change the luck of a furry friend.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA)

If you’re a face-to-face, love-at-first-sight person, visit the SPCA site in Mangere, Auckland. It’s one thing to scroll through page after page of animals, but it’s another to make that instant connection and choice. Adoption is a lifetime thing, so being super-sure is imperative.

Pets on the Net

Pets on the Net is the online dating equivalent of adopting, creating a perfect match for your family. This nationwide site offers options for anywhere, and any pet. Their philosophy is to adopt, don’t buy – because you can save a life. Animals from the SPCA filter through this site also.

Animal Rehoming

There’s a whole horde of non-conventional (but just as lovable) pets waiting to find a new home. From piggies, to sheep, to ducks, to hedgehogs, to cats and dogs. If there’s a place in your home, then it’ll be easy for these little creatures to find a place in your heart too. Lend a helping hand, and a helping home in the process of rescue, rehabilitation and, ultimately, rehoming.

Pet Rescue

Getting a pet often feels like your work’s going to be cut out for you. Thankfully, Pet Rescue deworms, defleas, desexes, and vaccinates the pets so you can get down to the loving part. These animals have been abandoned and unwanted, and deserve a second chance. If you want to take that leap, check out the website.

The Humane Society of New Zealand

If adopting straight away is a little daunting, you can donate or become a member of the Humane Society. Entirely run by volunteers, this organisation relies on donations and foster families to keep the animals in good homes.

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