Take the Plunge with a Pool and Spa Combo

A pool and spa combo at your place is so practical – and costs less than you’d think!

You’ll never regret getting a pool. It will become your saviour on hot days, cold winter days, holidays-at-home, playdate entertainment and the perfect remedy to revive tired and grumpy kids (and adults for that matter!).

Once the idea has taken hold and you’re getting excited at the thought of having a pool, you’ll be thinking of logistics, installation, cost, space and ongoing admin. It’s smart to choose something that fits into your outdoor area and works for your budget and lifestyle. While a big inground pool is beautiful, it costs huge amounts to buy and install – and you can’t take it with you if you sell your home.

The modern pool option is a swim spa. Families love it because whether you’re renting or own your own home, it’s a great way to have year-round swimming, exercise and water fun without the need for a big backyard and an even bigger budget! Let’s dive into a few common questions.

What is a swim spa, and is it suitable for kids?

Swim spas are relatively new, so you may not be familiar with this pool and spa combo; the average swim spa is around 4.5 to 6 metres long and contains just 8000-10000 litres of water. There are several different types, but the majority have a small spa on one side and a longer ‘pool’ on the other. It’s the perfect scenario… cool down and play on a hot day, plus warm up in cooler weather and relax after sport or in the evening. Kids love spas to warm their little body so they can stay and play in the pool for longer. In winter, it’s a lovely way for them to enjoy the water, but stay warm and toasty.

What if we move house?

No worries! Swim spas are portable, so if you decide to move house you can take your investment, and your fun,  with you.

But I don’t like overly-chlorinated pools…

Most swim spas do require the addition of some type of chemical, but it shouldn’t be a lot. The typical swim spa requires just a capful of chlorine-based sanitiser once a week. That’s it.  “That’s my Sunday job! Put a capful of sanitiser in the pool. It’s not even noticeable in the water and is probably so diluted there’s probably more chlorine in your tap water.” Dave

Can my kids do swim training in a swim spa?

Swim spas are used by top-level athletes to stay in shape so your budding swimmer will be able to practice their swimming technique. It’s also a great way for adults to keep fit, with minimal impact on joints. Keen swimmers can keep their workout pace the same or vary it (by using specialty swim jets) but they will never have to worry about running into the wall or turns, so they can stay in the zone and practice their technique.

Benefits of Having a Swim Spa

  • Takes up less space than a pool Not everyone has a lifestyle block or the large area required for a pool. Swim spas are compact and take very little space compared to a pool leaving your garden or lawn to be enjoyed.
  • is cheaper and easier to buy and install The average installation cost of a swim spa is much less than installing a pool, due to the construction involved in a pool installation.
  • Is portable Moving house or want to change the pool location? Swim Spas are highly portable and self-contained making relocation a breeze.
  • helps your swimming confidence With lots of powerful jets, they allow you to swim against a current of water – effectively swimming upstream. You could say they are like a treadmill for swimmers. The swim pace can be varied for any swimming level.
  • Can be used year-round Tired of paying for and maintaining a pool all year but you only use it for a few short months? Swim spas are usable all year so if you want to do laps, splash with the kids or relax with a glass of bubbles in July, a swim spa is the answer.
  • Is easy to maintain It’s all in the cover. Swim spas have an insulated sealable hard cover that keeps out leaves and other debris while stopping evaporation which reduces up to 70 percent of the heat loss. Swim spas hold less water than swimming pools but you get the same benefits without the number of chemicals required. With a swim spa, you spend more time enjoying your pool than taking care of it.
  • Looks great You can personalise the shell and cabinet colours to suit your style.
  • Is a spa and pool in one Get the best of both in one compact package.
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