What is the best family spa? Here’s what to look for…

What is the best family spa? Here’s what to look for…

Thinking about buying a spa pool for the family? Wondering where to start?  To help you make the best purchasing decision, the team at Spa World have listed the top things to look for in a family spa. You’ll also see their recommendations for some great value spa brands ideal for Kiwi families on a budget.

Spas and families are a perfect match

Spas are a great way for families to relax and connect with each other after a busy day. 

If you’re in the market for an affordable family spa pool, you’ll want one that’s large enough for the whole whānau, energy-efficient and low maintenance.

To help with the buying process, here are some handy tips and advice for what to look for,  along with recommendations for some popular family spas. 

What to look for in a family spa:

  1. Multiple seating options
  2. A variety of jets 
  3. Energy efficient
  4. Low maintenance 
  5. Longterm affordability 

Seating options

Tots To Teens Spa World family review

Selecting a spa with a variety of seating options like loungers and elevated seats for younger children will ensure your spa works for your family.

Twin loungers allow two people to lay back and relax while elevated seats for young kids help to keep their heads above the water.

Variety of Jets

Make sure you purchase a spa with a variety of different jets to make the most of the hydrotherapy experience. Well placed jets can make all the difference in helping relieve sore muscles.

Tots To Teens Spa World family review

Look for these jet options: 

  • High-pressure volcano jets – for deep tissue massage 
  • Twin spinning – for muscle kneading 
  • Directional – pressure point massage 
  • Single spinning Jets – rotating massage effect 

Energy efficient 

As spas are an investment you may be wondering about energy use and keeping your costs down. With a little extra investment and caring for your spa, you can easily lower your costs.

Top tips for keeping costs down:

  1. Purchase a spa with the best insulation possible — the more effective the insulation, the lower the heating cost
  2. Invest in a quality spa cover to help maintain a set temperature 
  3. Turning your spa temperature down by only a few degrees will help lower your heating costs 

Low maintenance 

One of the most common questions we get is, how do I minimise the maintenance on my spa? With a little planning and time, you can keep your spa in excellent condition and enjoy it for years to come. 

Top tips for easy maintenance:

  1. Use quality spa chemicals to maintain your spa 
  2. Aim to spend at least 5-10 minutes on spa maintenance per week
  3. Consider getting a spa with an automatic water care system that includes ozone and a UV-C sterilizer to save you time and money.

Long-term affordability

One of the biggest mistakes spa buyers make is focusing solely on the retail price of a spa – without considering other factors such as ongoing running costs.

The truth is, paying a little more upfront for a better quality spa, is likely to save you money in the long run. For example, spas in the mid-range price bracket should have better quality spa insulation, a water care system (including filtration, ozone and UV), a heavy-duty insulated cover and more

Check out some family favourites 

Listed below are three of New Zealand’s best-selling family spas –  the Fisher 5D, Vortex Mercury and the Vortex Nitro.

Tots To Teens Spa World family review

Family of four – Vortex Mercury

The Mercury™ family spa pool has a well-earned bestseller status, boasting the combination of premium features and compact design, all at a reasonable price point. Technically, there’s room for five adults to enjoy the Mercury but we think couples with a young family will get the most out of this superb set up.

With up to 46 jets, two loungers, neck and shoulder jets and foot massage jets, there’s no scrimping on luxury features for the grownups. Kids are also looked after with the two raised children’s seats providing a fun and safe spot for littlies to enjoy the spa.

Tots To Teens Spa World family review

Family of five to six – Fisher 5D 

The Fisher 5D™ is the hero of the Fisher Spas™ range. It comes loaded with hydrotherapy features for a value-packed spa pool experience.

Featuring 48 spa jets, you’ll enjoy a great hydrotherapy experience at a great price. The twin loungers, shiatsu massage seat plus two cool-down seats offer flexibility for the whole family to enjoy the spa pool.

If you’re looking for a family spa that offers a quality experience at great value, the 5D is an excellent choice for you.

Tots To Teens Spa World family review

Family of five to six – Vortex Nitro

For a high-end performance spa pool that’s spacious enough for large families or entertaining friends, you can’t go past the Vortex Nitro™. Featuring up to 76 hydrotherapy jets for superior massage, twin loungers, and the famous Vortex™ neck and shoulder collars to target problem areas, rest and recuperation will be on your to-do list.

The Vortex™ boasts many of the most desired features such as a water cascade, a powerful volcano jet, individual seat-pressure controls, and the essential wine cooler for those who love to entertain.

With seating designed to cater comfortably for five adults plus a toddler seat, there’s plenty of options for accommodating your crew. Your young family can enjoy the spa safely, or the extra seat can operate as a cool down seat for a sixth adult.

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