Avo and feta mash on bruschetta

Whether you’re off on an adventure with the kids or looking for something a little gourmet to boost everyone’s energy in the afternoon, try this simple and delicious recipe idea.

avo and feta mash on bruschetta

Avocado is packed with goodness, so try this delicious version on toast that’s simple enough
for the kids to make.

  1. Toast a couple of slices of crusty bread.
  2. Meanwhile, pop avocado, feta, lemon juice, olive oil, chopped chillies (for heat-seekers), and coriander into a bowl.
  3. Squish together with a fork, keeping a bit of texture to the whole thing. Then spread on the toast. Nom!

Text © 2015 Alice Zaslavsky. Illustrations © 2015 Kat Chadwick. Reproduced with permission of Walker Books Australia

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