Pool noodle boats

pool noodle boats

Kids love water play, and seem to have an endless fascination with anything that floats and moves on the water.  With the warmer weather starting to settle in (and the odd summer rainfall on its way) , these cool pool noodle boats are a simple and fast craft that can get them playing for hours.

You will need

  • Pool Noodle (we used a few different colours)
  • Plastic Straws
  • Foam Sheets (we used a few different colours)
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Knife

How to create pool noodle boats

  1. Using your knife, slice your pool noodle into approximately 3cm pieces.
  2. Using the point of your scissors poke a small hole in the noodle for your straw. Make sure you don’t go through the whole noodle as they won’t be able to float.
  3. Cut your plastic straws to be about 8cm tall
  4. Cut your foam sheets into triangles that are about 5cm tall
  5. Punch holes in the top and bottom of your triangles and thread your straw through the holes.
  6. Insert your straw into your hole you created in the pool noodle.
  7. Toss your boats in some water and watch them sail!
pool noodle boats
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