Valentine's Day Fun For The Kids

Valentines day crafts

We all know Valentine’s Day as the most romantic day of the year. It’s a day (of many) to share your feelings with your loved ones, and to tell them how much you love them. Get the kids behind this with some great activities and crafts they can do at home!

1. Make a Valentine’s Day collage

Dig out some photos of the family and they can make a collage on card or paper of their favourite photos.

2. Make some yummy cupcakes

What is more fun than baking for kids? Nothing! Sure it can get a bit messy but it is great for them to learn new skills and helping you in the kitchen. Make and decorate some yummy treats for the special people in your life and decorate them with red or pink icing.

3. Give family and friends Valentine’s cards

Opportunities are endless with making cards. They can make different ones with different materials and give to their friends and family. Check out these amazing packs from Kmart to get them started!

4. Organise a family picnic for lunch or dinner

Get the kids to help organise a picnic at the local park or beach (or even in the comfort of your own lounge if the weather permits it). Choose favourite foods for each family member (don’t forget the cupcakes)!

5. Have a dance party at home!

Put on some of your favourite tunes about love and happiness and have a dance party with the kids. Something great to do before bedtime to wear them out!

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