Making a cubby house

cubby house

Making an indoor playhouse or cubby house out of boxes is a creative activity that can absorb your child for hours. Help make the house completely dark and let your child play with a torch inside. Pillows, cushions and blankets can also be added to make it cosy and inviting.

Things you will need

  • Very large box or boxes
  • Scissors and sticky tape (if needed to stick cardboard together)
  • Cushions, pillows and blankets
  • Torch
  • Art and craft materials
  • Sharp knife for adult to cut openings


  • Ask at an appliance store if they have any large empty boxes to spare.
  • Ask your child questions to prompt them to create the cubby house, such as: How will you get in? How can you make the inside cosy? What will you do for light?

How to do make a cubby house

With your child, plan the design of their cubby house. Suggest they draw their design before they begin. Decorate the outside of the cubby house with crayons and paint, cut openings for windows or doors (adults do this step). Your child’s cubby house could be a castle, a cave or a fairy grotto– the possibilities are endless. Once built, suggest your child finds things to make the inside cosy and inviting.

What learning is occurring?

• Encourages planning, creativity and imagination.

• Communication and negotiation skills.

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