Movie Trivia 4

Movie Trivia

A) What is the name of Aladdin’s monkey?

B) What kind of kitchenware is ‘Chip’ from Beauty and the Beast?

C) What colour feather does Puss in Boots wear in his hat?

D) Sam, the Yellow Wiggle, has just been replaced by whom?

E) What is Dora the Explorer’s last name?

F) How many players in a Quidditch team?

G) In Thomas the Tank Engine, what kind of engine is Toby: tram, tank, diesel, tender?

Answers: (A) Abu. (B) A teacup. (C) Yellow. (D) Greg. (the original Yellow Wiggle). (E) Marquez (F) Seven: one Seeker, two beaters, three Chasers and one Keeper. (G) A tram.

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