Movie Trivia 6

Movie trivia #7

Movie Trivia

A) What is the name of the trees in The Lorax?

B) Who is Pirate Captain’s rivals in the movie The Pirates, Band of Misfits?

C) What classic fairy tale is the new movie Mirror Mirror based on?

D) On what planet does the Disney Film John Carter take place on?

E) How many siblings does Erin of the Erin Simpson Show have?

F) What is the name of the road-making machine that Lightning McQueen uses to fix the road in Radiator Springs?

G) Which fictional mouse is being brought to life in the latest Royal New Zealand Ballet production?

Answers: (A) Truffula tree. (B) Black Bellamy and Cutlass Liz. (C) Snow White. (D) Mars. (E) Two (a sister and a brother) (F) Bessie. (G) Angelina Mousling.

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