10 taboo topics parents get het up about

taboo topic of disciplining children - tots to teens

There are some parenting subjects that make you feel like you’ve opened the door to the lion’s den and you’re just inches away from that vicious beast’s bloodthirsty fangs. If you’re casually sitting on the fence, or just don’t have the energy to make a case for your stance, then it’s best to steer clear of these taboo topics – or prepare for battle, because it’s about to get ugly. (We prefer the “make popcorn, sit back, and watch” approach, ourselves.)


  1. Vaccinations – are they medical miracles or a government device designed to track our every move?
  2. Putting your ’tween on the pill (for period or acne control) – are they too young? is it safe? are we sure that that’s what its for?
  3. Treatments for ADHD/ASD – rates are going up is that because there’s more kids with adhd or because parents can’t or don’t want to handle their own children?
  4. School fees/donations – is it right? how much it too much?
  5. Child discipline (old-fashioned methods) – is it right? is it abusive? is gentle parenting too gentle?
  6. Helping kids with homework (and sometimes even doing it for them) – are we making life too easy for them?
  7. Keeping kids in rear-facing car seats until they are two years old or older – whats safer? whats easier?
  8. Breastfeeding older toddlers and pre-schoolers – are they too old? why do they need it? what’s wrong with it?
  9. Cloth nappies – is it better for the environment? okay, but at what cost?
  10. Breastfeeding scheduling vs demand feeding – is routine what babies need or should mums follow their baby’s intuition?

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