10 (we think unique and precious) traits of Kiwi families

kiwi parents

Kiwi parents make up quite a unique bunch. Some of our parenting traits are rather NZ-specific, and possibly we don’t even realise that they’re ours alone until they’re pointed out to us by observant (and often fascinated!) newcomers.

Barefoot kids

Our kids go barefoot everywhere and can run on gravel (without wincing!).

Shorts and T’s

Our kids don’t seem to get cold, and have a “shorts and T-shirt” wardrobe both winter and summer.

Feijoas galore

Kiwi parents don’t like to pay money for feijoas for our kids’ lunchboxes, since our childhood back lawn was carpeted with an abundance of the little green suckers.

Camping holidays

We love camping, even when one summer in every three has abysmal weather over the Christmas holiday period.

School-time fun

We’re completely comfortable with the concept that our kids go to school “Just to eat their lunch” (well, that’s their favourite part of the day, anyway!).

What’s for tea?

Our kids ask ”What’s for tea?” when they mean “dinner”.

Wet and muddy

Our kids don’t mind being muddy, wet, and unkempt-looking. Even on special occasions.


We have Weet-Bix in the cupboard and permanently on our shopping list.

Rugby for all

Our relatives buy our newborn a baby-sized rugby jersey (even if it’s a girl).

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner always includes a pav, trifle, or chocolate log and sparking up the BBQ is an option.

Love being a Kiwi!

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