5 tips to get your kids reading

We all want our kids to read more, but getting them to do so voluntarily can be a bit of a struggle. Here are some tips for getting them more enthused about reading.

1. Letter mat

Does your child have trouble sitting still? Perhaps they are a kinaesthetic learner, and the letter mat would be the perfect resource to enable your child to see and spell difficult words. This learning style in action uses the body to strengthen auditory and visual memory – and it’s fun!

2. Make reading and the library a family tradition

Visiting the library can be exciting for your children, and making it a family tradition becomes even cooler. Ensuring this activity gets the attention it deserves is simple. Try some of the following:

– Make it a date so your children can look forward to it

– Get them personalised book bags to enhance the library experience

– Show and tell what everyone got at the library once you get home

– Write to the kids’ favourite authors

3. Eye spy, treasure hunts, and writing notes

When reading doesn’t come easy, there are fun activities you can do at home to help. These include easy everyday tasks such as reading the shopping list, playing eye spy in the car, writing simple notes and hiding them in their lunch boxes, or even playing little treasure hunts with written hints.

4. Reading with patterns

Tricky vowel sounds can often be confusing for our kids, and understanding rules such as “When two vowels go out walking, the first one does the talking and it says its own name” can make it more stress-free. There are loads of useful patterns to check out to take the pressure off sounding out those tougher words.

5. Handwriting, not typing

Experts say that writing by hand offers your children better comprehension, and in a world where technology is taking over, it is more important than ever to ensure kids can hand write. Just remind your children of the power of the mighty pen.

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