Eat your Oats

oats choc muffins

Meh, oats are so boring, right? Actually, this breakfast-food staple is quite an amazing superfood, explains Tracie Heasman.

Oats are a high-fibre food that packs plenty of nutritional value for our health. They have been proven to help people to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol, and they also help stabilise blood sugar, which means you don’t get that mid-morning “slump” after having a bowl of oats for breakfast. Also, because oats take longer to digest, you will feel fuller for longer, which is always a good thing – no need for a snack at morning tea! Oats are also loaded with a special antioxidant unique to them which fights free radicals (molecules in your body that cause cancer and aging).

Recipes for ages & stages

Age 1: Pear and Oat Purée – mildly sweet and smooth.

Age 2-5: Oaty Choc Muffins – An on-the-go option.

Age 5+: Overnight Oats – A yummy scrummy breakfast.

Tracie Heasman is a photographer with a passion for styling, shooting, and eating food. She lives in Raglan with her husband and two children.

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