9-year-old Mackenzie reviews the Fitbit Ace 3

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Tots To Teens sent a Fitbit Ace 3 to Mackenzie to trial over the school holidays. The active 9-year-old was the perfect person to trial the new Fitbit, with her involvement in Weetbix TRYathlon and Corsair Bay Duathlon, alongside playing hockey and enjoying mountain biking and walks.

1. Do you think the Fitbit Ace 3 helps you to be healthier?

Yes, definitely.  I really enjoyed setting the goals and achieving them.

2.How does the Ace 3 make being healthy fun?

It kept me accountable and active. I was really motivated to get moving. We loved checking-in to see how active I had been that day and to see if I had achieved my goals.

3. Did you get any results – like step count, or sleep score – that you were proud of?

I achieved the Marathon badge, which was pretty exciting. My highest step count was 13,301 steps and my longest sleep was 11 hours ( I must have been tired from all the activities).

Fitbit tracking on phone

4. What do you like about wearing the Fitbit Ace 3?

I love the colour and design. It’s really comfortable to wear (even at night) and I enjoyed choosing a character for my home screen. The Unicorn was my favourite! We enjoyed using the ‘timing’ function for activities; it’s great when you reach your goal for the day… it sends a cool alert. It also has a ‘water-lock’ function, so I could use it while swimming.

Final thoughts from Mackenzie

The Ace 3 is easy to use and lots of fun. I loved being able to use it for all my favourite activities! It’s a really good way to stay active and my friends and I used the Fitbit App to share our activities to each other. I had such fun testing it out! Its bold and fun design made it easy to wear and use.

Fitbit Ace 3 is available at selected retailers including Fitbit.com, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Noel Leeming.

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