Arc Assistant: Make helping in the kitchen safe and fun for kids

The Arc Assistant is an innovative children's safety-fun stool.


The Arc Assistant children’s safety-fun stool ($229 from is an innovative piece of children’s furniture which keeps children safe while helping in the kitchen or playing at the bench.


This sturdy, stylish kitchen helper is so much safer and kid-friendlier than using a stool or dining chair for your eager little kitchen helpers. It has four “walls” to keep your little one contained, and three height adjustment settings which will let the stool accommodate your growing child. It’s modular and can be stored flat under the bed, behind the sideboard, or in the hall closet. All the pieces slot safely together, so you don’t need any tools except your hands to assemble it. The front “wall” is removable, so your older toddler can climb in him- or herself (great for pregnant mums who don’t want to lift heavy toddlers over the top). And it’s been safety tested to comply with various Australian and New Zealand safety standards, so you have peace of mind knowing it’s of high quality that you can trust to keep your child safe at height. Use it in the kitchen, in the garage workshop, or anywhere your child needs to be safely contained yet able to reach a higher surface for play or activities. 100% New Zealand designed and made, it’s a must-have for anyone with young children.


Every time I get in the kitchen, one of my kids wants to “help” me cook or bake. We’ve got a battered wooden stool that we usually drag out for this purpose, but it’s too short for Master Five to properly reach the bench, plus the small surface means he slips and stumbles off when he gets excited (usually when I’m letting him measure ingredients, because making messes is his favourite pastime). When I heard about the Arc Assistant, I was so excited — finally, a way to both contain and elevate my son so he could reach the bench at the correct height but stay safe and secure. It arrived flat-packed in a large box and I assembled it myself in five minutes, no tools required. It’s sturdy and heavy, but I could still move it across the floor and into the kitchen to position it at the bench without help. The design is really thoughtful — the front part is flat so you can butt it right up against the bench, while the back base extends out a bit for extra stability. This stool will not tip over! The standing platform inside is adjustable depending on the height of your child, and easy to change — simply lift the front panel off and move it up or down, then put the front panel back on (no need to fully disassemble). What I love most about it is that it keeps Master Five out from underfoot while I’m trying to cook, chop, boil, reach into cupboards, etc. When Miss 10 Months is older, I can see it being a real godsend when I need to have her in the kitchen with me while I’m prepping meals. It’s definitely a must-have mother’s helper.


Easy to clean with a cloth and soapy water, the Arc Assistant can be used as a child’s bookcase when it’s no longer needed as a step-up stool. While it does take up space in the kitchen when in use, it packs down easily and stores flat, so is easy to keep nearby for when you need to use it. However, it’s important to ensure that your baby is old enough to stand unaided before you place them in the Arc Assistant, and that the top is level with your child’s chest. Never leave your child unattended in or near the Arc Assistant, and don’t let them use the standing platform holes as foot holes to climb in or out. Always read the instructions and warnings before use.


  • Suitable for children who can stand unaided up to age five
  • Crafted from medium density fibreboard so it’s strong and sturdy
  • When assembled, it measures 92.5cm x 68.4cm x 55.9cm (HxWxD) at its highest and widest walls
  • The “box” your child is placed in measures 43.4cm squared
  • Independently tested to comply with AU and NZ safety standards

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