Dinos, donuts, & daisies, oh my!


Christchurch mum Sea, who makes custom hand- poured crayons through her business My Happy Crayons, created this divine dinosaur party for her daughter Skyla’s second birthday. Combining the theme of the three “Ds” – dinosaurs, donuts, and daisies – this idea works so well!

Sea hand-painted all of the dinosaurs, adding tiny diamante collars to their necks for some prehistoric bling, and placed them among the vintage plates used to present the party food. Donuts are not only trendy right now, they’re also delicious, and no child can resist them! Embellishing the spread with daisies and other flowers brings a touch of the outside indoors.


The marbled “dino eggs” were made by hard-boiling eggs, then gently cracking the shells and placing in bags with food colouring. The food colouring seeps through the cracks, creating a cool marbled effect when the eggs are peeled.

Sea decorated the drip cake with a striking black T-rex and edible flowers for a delicious centrepiece. The food included dino-shaped sandwiches, veggie sticks and dip, and baby potatoes – perfect finger foods for littlies between games.

Vege sticks in dip.


Even dinosaurs need a bit of bling around their collars!


Donuts are on-trend and delicious for little fingers to hold.


Tongari Corn or Bugles snacks.

All in all, it looks like a roaring good time!

Featured at My Kid’s Party (mykidsparty.nz), a “purely New Zealand” party and vendor guide.

Cake by Just Desserts justdesserts.co.nz, party favours by My Happy Crayons Facebook.com/myhappycrayons, thanks to Geraldine for My Kid’s Party mykidsparty.nz

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