Making a Pebble owl family

pebble owl

While your children are meandering along the beach, get them to look out for some big smooth pebbles to take home and use to make this adorable pebble owl family to decorate their bedroom or your bach.

pebble owl family

step 1.

Paint base colour – make sure your pebble is clean and dry. Decide which side is going to be the front of the owl and paint it with a base coat of white. Let it dry.

step 2.

Add features – paint or draw on your owl. It is easiest to start with the eyes. Use lots of bright colours. I have made the eyes in flower shapes for a retro look.

pebble owl

step 3.

Decorate owl – paint on some wings and decorate with spots, stripes or flowers. The brighter the better!

step 4.

Finishing – finally, if you like, you can give your owl a coat of varnish for extra shine. Make a few more owls in the same way and when everything is dry, line them up on a bedroom shelf to keep watch.

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