Going Bananas

Do your little ones love bananas? This versatile fruit is great for kids of all ages. Tracie Heasman shares some scrummy banana recipes to jazz up your child’s lunch box.

Bananas are a healthy treat for the whole family – rich in many nutrients, they are especially high in potassium which is vital to help regulate your blood pressure and therefore helps your heart to function properly. Potassium also helps reduce calcium excretion in bones which keeps our bones strong as we get older. Bananas are also rich in Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and high in fibre. They have been known to treat stomach ulcers as well as help prevent them.

Ages & Stages

Age 1: Banana Biscuits – a nutritious on-the-go teething snack / Age 2-5: Banana Brownies – a yummy treat / Age 5+: Banana-Choc Roll-Ups – great for lunch boxes

Did you know… Not only good for your insides, bananas are also known to treat mosquito bites by rubbing the inside of the banana peel on the bite. Bananas and banana peels also make great fertilizer because of their phosphorous and potassium content. Roses especially like them.

Tracie is a photographer with a passion for styling, shooting, and eating food. She lives in Raglan with her husband and two kids.

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